“We need to see waste for what it really is – a wasted resource.”

– Erik Solheim, Former Head of UN Environment

Waste not Wasted*

tonnes of cables
tonnes of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
tonnes of materials for diversion from landfill and energy recovery

* annual quantities, 2023 data

The company at a glance

ECORESET, a company with a clear environmental and ecological profile, is engaged in the industrial recovery of raw materials from production returns and composite streams, aiming to maximise the diversion of materials from landfill.

By investing continuously in modern technical equipment and the quality training of its staff, ECORESET has developed into a modern Urban Mine with 7 main production lines.

Implementing the best available practices, the company recovers secondary raw materials (metals, plastics, inerts) and diverts from landfill materials suitable for energy utilisation by the industry, achieving an optimum use of 96% on average of all the materials it handles.

Transforming waste into resources

Where others only see waste, we see recoverable resources and raw materials, the value of which can be reintroduced into the production chain.

The main material streams we are handling today are end of life cables and electrical/electronic equipment, as well as shredder residues of composite materials.

By applying innovative processes, we are extracting resources from all these, which we contribute into production, thus supporting the transition to a Circular Economy.

Addressing pollution and its effects on public health

At ECORESET, we focus on addressing the real risks of environmental pollution from hazardous toxic components and contaminants, which have extremely harmful effects on public health.

We are constantly developing and improving the ways and processes we use to completely depollute the materials we process and to manage every hazardous component up to its final disposal, in order to eliminate all possible risks to public health and protect life, in the entire ecosystem that surrounds us.

Streams of materials


ECORESET’s experienced team provides high quality and efficient services to all our clients and suppliers.


The outcome of our production is metal and non-metal products, as well as materials for energy recovery. All our products meet the corresponding international specifications, without deviations, and are marketed at competitive prices to our industrial clients in the Greek and international market.

Through the Life ReWeee pilot programme, ECORESET’s WEEE Sorting and Classification Centre prepares electrical and electronic appliances for re-use from most of the categories of WEEE it receives.

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