Company Profile

ECORESET SA was established in 2010. The company develops techniques for the industrial separation of composite streams of materials and the recovery of usable raw materials and resources, aiming to reintroduce them into the production chain, as well as the maximum diversion of materials from landfill.

Today, after the absorption of “BIANATT SA” in July 2020, ECORESET has evolved in a modern Urban Mine with seven main production lines, possessing modern technical equipment and manned by highly trained staff.

By implementing the best available practices, ECORESET carries out processes for the environmental management of end-of-life cables and electrical/electronic equipment, shredder residues and other composites, from which it recovers secondary raw materials (metals, plastics, inerts, etc.) and materials for energy recovery by the industry.

Adhering to the hierarchy set by the European legislation on sustainable waste management, as well as to the Circular Economy principles, the company gives priority to re-use, recovery of recyclable materials and energy recovery, thus exploiting more than 96% of all its total infeed materials.

By continuously investing in the research and development of know-how, ECORESET diverts more than 32,000 tonnes of materials from landfill each year and therefore ranks among the best companies in its sector. Given its environmental performance, the award-winning company contributes positively to the protection of citizens’ health from the leakage of harmful substances into the soil, the air and the water.

Streams of materials


ECORESET processes any kind of end-of-life cables, regardless of their type and cross section.

Processing follows the stages of stripping (where necessary), pre-shredding, granulation up to 3 millimetres and separation of metals (copper, lead, aluminium, iron, etc.) from non-metal materials (plastic, rubber, cloth, etc.).

All metals and a part of the other materials are reintroduced into the production process, another part of the non-metal materials is directed for energy recovery by the industry, and only a small part of materials unsuitable for energy recovery, is disposed of in landfill.


ECORESET is the only industrial company fully licensed to manage WEEE in the Prefecture of Attica, and is under contract with ELECTROCYCLE SA, the Collective System for the Alternative Management of WEEE, receiving each year 25% of the total WEEE collected in Greece.

After all the hazardous elements have been removed, the appliances are dismantled in specialised production lines, where their components are marked for re-use, recovery of useful parts, accessories and recyclable materials. Through the production process, metals (ferrous, non-ferrous and alloys), non-metal materials (plastics, glass) and inert materials are recovered and reintroduced in relevant production activities or forwarded for energy recovery by the industry sector, while a very small fraction of 0.5-1% is taken to landfill.

Shredder residues

The company manages shredder residues from complex waste streams (End-of-Life Vehicles, WEEE), from which a small quantity of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and inert materials (soil, crushed glass) are produced, while residues with calorific value are channelled towards energy recovery. A small percentage of materials, which is unsuitable for energy recovery or other uses, is deposited in landfill.

Extroversion and cooperation

Demonstrating extroversion and openness, the company participates in all the important organisations in Greece and abroad, and it cooperates with national and international institutions and teams.

Bureau of International RecyclingEuropean Electronics Recyclers AssociationEuRIC - Advocating Recycling in EuropeΣυνδεσμος Βιομηχανιών Αττικής - ΠειραιώςΣΕΠΑΝ

Reliable and certified services

ECORESET is certified according to ISO 9001 for the quality of its services, ISO 14001 for the Environment, OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety and ISO 27001 for secure data destruction, and is fully licensed for all its activities, therefore enabled to provide high-level services, targeted at the industry, as well as large corporations and organisations. These services pertain to the processing of production by-products and returns, the processing of complex streams of materials and the management of materials with calorific value (complex stream shredding residue, etc.), adopting the most environmentally friendly procedures and taking accountability for a 100% of all quantities received.

The company also provides specialised services regarding the reliable and certified destruction of data, hard disks, magnetic media, and documents in electronic and printed form, while fully complying with the specifications set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and providing a detailed report regarding the environmentally sound management of the materials produced, up to their final disposal.

ECORESET’s services offer significant financial, operational and environmental benefits to the Industry, Companies, State Services, Districts and Municipalities as well as the Society, while the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is incorporated in its business activities, in its course towards zero waste.