Zero Tolerance Policy

Ecoreset asserts its decision to help in any possible way to protect public property and, in particular, the part thereof that makes up the country’s Infrastructure. The company wishes to maintain its excellent reputation and to safeguard its staff.

In the framework of its operation, it has adopted and strictly implements a Zero Tolerance Policy towards anyone trying to engage, through the company, in the trade of materials arising from the misappropriation of public or private infrastructure and property. Ecoreset makes it clear that it intends to immediately notify the Hellenic Police if it receives any material suspected to be of dubious origin.

Ecoreset only cooperates with companies and merchants whose main object is the trade of old metals, and it does not purchase materials for recycling from private individuals (with the exception of reasonable quantities of materials arising from a residential renovation or professional occupation).

The company maintains ongoing communication with competent Authorities and Organisations and works closely with public utility companies to ensure the immediate notification of any event, along with the technical specifications of the material sought.

Based on the information it receives, it constantly informs its partners throughout the country about what they must be looking out for, in order to deprive materials originating from misappropriation of any commercial value.